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PERFO 9000


SCOPE PERFO 9000 is highest quality mineral based lubricant meeting the latest engine oil specifications of API SM. This product meets the severe demands of the new seq III G test which requires a significant boost in oxidation perfomance at TEOSTMHT4 tests and serves as clear API SM capability.

PERFO 8000


SCOPE PERFO 8000 is designed to prepare for all gasoline and diesel powered passenger cars, light trucks and van including those fitted with turbo charges. Originated with highly refined base stock and effecient additive technology to maintain engine oil cleanliness, wear and good low temperature fluidity ensure easy ignition in cold weather and low volitality contributes to low oil consumption.

PERFO 7000


SCOPE PERFO 7000, multi grade engine oils are manufactured for modern gasoline and diesel engines. It is a superior quality multi grade lubricant formulated with highly refined base stock and advance additive technology meeting the requirement of API SJ/CF classification for gasoline engines.

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