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DENIM 9050


SCOPE Denim 9050 Super Diesel Engine Oil the latest highest quality in Diesel Engine Oil Meeting the API CJ4 Standards. It is Designed for high speed, four stroke engines designed to meet exhaust emission standards, CJ4 oils are compounded for use in all application with diesel fuels ranging in sulfur content up to 500 PPM,.

DENIM 9000


SCOPE PERFO 9000 is highest quality mineral based lubricant meeting the latest engine oil specifications of API SM. This product meets the severe demands of the new seq III G test which requires a significant boost in oxidation perfomance at TEOSTMHT4 tests and serves as clear API SM capability.

DENIM 2090


SCOPE Denim 2090 is superior quality long drain multi grade oil, formulated with highly refined base stock and selective additive package. Scope Denim 2090 is severe-duty engine oil formulated specially for high speed four stroke diesel engines designed to meet 1999 way exhaust emission standards and also suitable for a wide range of heavy duty off-highway applications.

DENIM 2070


SCOPE Denim 2070 is a very high performance diesel engine lubricant. It is a multi grade oil of API CF4/SJ level for use in almost all kind of turbo charged heavy duty diesel engines. It is a blend of superior quality base stocks and additives. In addition to it’s high level of detergency and dispersancy. It has a stable viscosity index improver that does not shear off under severe operating conditions of high load at high temperatures.

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