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SCOPE EFFOL EP Gear Lubes blended with highly refined mineral base oil and selective additives for use in heavy duty operations are used in commercial fleet, manual transmission, axles and final drives. Protects from rust & corrosion and low temperature properties, gives good start in cold weather.


MP – GL4

SCOPE EFFOL MP Gear Lubes are premium quality long life gear box oils blended with extreme pressure additives and these oils are environmentally friendly and contains neither lead nor chlorine. They offer good resistance to oxidation, staining, rusting, corrosion and foaming.



SCOPE IEP Industrial Gear Oils are premium quality extreme pressure oils designed primarily for lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears. Their high load carrying capacity and anti friction characteristics combine to offer superior performance in gears and in all industrial applications. They are formulated using high viscosity Index, solvent refined base oils and incorporate special sulfur – phosphorous additives to provide an extreme pressure performance.

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